Purpose of the SEPP Corpus

The SEPP Corpus website aims to
  • compare English preparatory vocabulary to that in general education courses in order to
    • analyse to what extent the vocabulary covered in core curriculum reflects the vocabulary taught in prep program.
    • integrate more academic words in upper levels in prep program by looking at the frequencies of the words in core curriculum.
    • deprioritize words which are not used frequently in general education courses.

  • create a corpus for our university in order for students to
    • see level (A1-C2) of each word from all sources within the corpus
    • see part of speech, collocations, and inflection of all words used in both curricula.
    • upload their written assignments to the corpus website to be able to analyse level appropriateness and vocab range of their work.    become more autonomous in their own learning process.
    • refer to while they are studying (writing an essay/ paragraph, vocab studies and etc.).
    • use it as an alternative to dictionary as the students will be able to see the actual context in which the words they are taught are presented.
    • use it more easily as this corpus will be more convenient to put to use as opposed to some other corpus websites which offer many options that learners of English do not always need

  • create a corpus for our university in order for teachers and administration to
    • upload materials or texts to check level appropriateness and vocab range of them for their students.
    • upload students’ written assignments to analyse the level of their students’ writing ability based on the range and frequency of words they use across levels.
    • use the corpus as a guide in the material development process.
    • set a range of target vocabulary to be used in exams.
    • use in their instruction and planning.
    • monitor students’ progress in terms of word count and vocab range throughout different levels.
    • create target vocabulary word banks based on the findings.
    • adapt the curriculum and syllabi if necessary. 
    • show words in different contexts to focus on different meanings.
    • show different collocations of synonyms in authentic examples.
Long Term Goals

SEPP Corpus website also aims to
  • provide a non-profit source for third parties to use for their own academic inquiries (evaluating texts based on the level of words used).
  • share experiences in the field of corpus studies with other universities in Turkey and all around the world.